Enjoy One of the Best Sand Seas Near London


Enjoy One of the Best Sand Seas Near London

Located on the beautiful East Sussex coast just near the Kent border, Camber Sands lies just below the famous Sandringham Country Park. And surprisingly, it’s not more than 2 hours away by car from the UK’s capital, so coming to this part of the country on a visit to a leisure center is easy. There are a variety of things to do in the area and the availability of car parking means that the proximity to all the things you want to do is never an issue. In fact, if you are the kind of person who likes to explore the natural surroundings then you will not even mind getting your own car! It is the location that makes Camber Sands the best sandy beaches near London for those looking for some real adventure.

As, well as the popular camber sands there are other attractions like the famous Monkey World and the Sea life London Aquarium to enjoy during your stay. The lido has also been a major drawcard for those looking for a relaxing day out. As well as being a popular beach the lido also forms part of the National Trust’s marine life reserve. For those looking for some more serious exercise or the opportunity to swim and snorkel the coastline offers some excellent opportunities.

Enjoy One of the Best Sand Seas Near London

After a day trip around the attractions of Camber Sands, it is time to make the long journey across the world to explore the South West. The Peak District is the perfect starting point and after leaving the sandy beach you will be rewarded with some superb scenery. Hump ways and rock crevasses lead the way to the valleys of Cumbria and the Peak District, and the best days are from May through September when the weather is mild and the wildflowers bloom profusely.

If you would prefer to leave the sandy beach and explore the countryside then a round trip on the train is the best way to explore the county. A journey on the Great Western Airline takes you close to the heart of London and the world-famous Hyde Park. With panoramic views of the city and the river Thames, a visit at the Victoria and Albert Museum is highly recommended and the National Gallery is the ideal place to see modern art and culture in the city.

After a day trip, the two hours’ drive to the North London area is ideal as the west end of the city is one of the best sandy beaches near London which is also home to the world-famous Hyde Park. Once inside the park, you can explore the gardens, dramatic paths and walkways, cafes, and Victorian buildings. You will pass the Piccadilly Circus underground metro. At the center of the park, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is located, and this is the place where the Royal Shakespeare’s Theatre is.

The second best location to visit the city is the Kensington Palace which is the home of the Queen and her husband the Prince of Wales. The palace is one of the best Georgian Era buildings in London and the inside is beautiful with an abundance of windows and walls. To the south are Hyde Park and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This is the main park within the borough where you can find a variety of events and gardens. This royal area is particularly popular with the public during the summer months and has many events such as the Noting Hill Carnival and Noting Hill Film Festival.

While in the center of the city you will find the best British Theatre and the Theatre Royal which is one of the best-preserved areas of the city. The Globe Theatre is located on the banks of the River Thames and is a Grade II listed building. This is one of the best sandy beaches near London where you can watch theatre performances. The South Bank is the oldest part of the city and contains many pubs and shops. It also has one of the best skylines in the west end of the UK. The Bankside is the heart of the fashionable south side of the city where you will find many shops, restaurants, and the famous Clothes Gap where you can buy fashionable clothes.

The south-west of the city is the fashionable east side of the city where you will find many trendy shops, restaurants and the famous Piccadilly Circus which are the biggest public market in the world. This area is very famous for its nightlife and many people come here to dance the night away. The best time to visit the city center is from May through September when the weather is perfect. From October to December the weather changes and you can go during the winter season when the beaches are freezing cold. If you are an avid traveler then you should make a trip to the UK and come enjoy one of the best sandy beaches near London.


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