Guide to Budget Airlines in Europe


Budget airlines have many advantages, not least that they help us get to destinations on the cheap, which means more of us can travel, and save money at the same time. There are numerous airlines that offer affordable, budget-busting flights all around Europe, and whilst you’re not going to get world-class facilities on-board if it gets you from A to B safely, what’s the problem really?

Here’s your guide to a few of the most popular low-cost airlines around Europe.

Aer Lingus – 77 destinations are easily reached from this Irish airline, with hubs all over the Emerald Isle. Like all of these airlines on our list, costs are super low. Perfect for summer holiday destinations across the Med resorts.

Air Baltic – With hubs in Latvia, Air Baltic flies to Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, meaning this is a great way to see places during the winter months in particular. Low, low costs!

EasyJet – This is probably one of the most famous of the low-cost airlines, with hubs in London, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Geneva, and basically all over the place. Baggage costs are saved by simply filling a specifically sized bag as much as you can, which cuts out the need to add suitcases to your booking.

Flybe – Again, this low-cost big-hitter has hubs in Manchester, Newquay, Exeter, and all over the UK, meaning for short-haul destinations this is a right choice, especially during the summer months due to the types of places this airline flies too.

Jet2 – Along with Easy Jet, this is probably one of the most famous, and with hubs all over the UK, flying to countless European destinations, including Spain, Greece and Turkey, this is a serious money saver. Luggage allowance is again very generous, with 22kg allowed if you book a case, and 10kg hand luggage. Generous!

Ryanair – Another Irish originating airline, with hubs in London, Dublin and several other cities, Ryanair is a no-frills airline, meaning you literally get from A to B, with nothing particularly special to enhance your journey. Having said that, what else do you need? If you want to save money, this is a great choice.

Pegasus Airlines – Pegasus is a Turkish airline, with hubs in Istanbul and Antalya. Again, luggage allowances are generous, and this is a great way to see more of Turkey, as internal flights are often cheaper than buses. Flights from London to Istanbul are regular too.

Thomsonfly – Thomson is a huge company, so you can be assured of good quality service when you book with their low-cost airline variant. Hubs are in many British cities and flights are generally to the Med resorts during the summer months.

Monarch Airlines – Along with Easy Jet and Jet 2, Monarch is massive, especially in the UK. Hubs exist in many British cities, with flights all over Europe and Turkey, year around. Luggage allowances are again generous, and you can book packages to enhance your journey.

Wizz Air – This Budapest is originating airline that links Eastern European cities with the rest of Europe, for often super low prices. This is often an airline that stag parties use to reach these particular parts of the world.


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