The Beautiful 10 Beaches to Visit In the United Kingdom

Summers are around the corners and there will be a lot of summer kinds of things happen. It’s the right time to hit the beaches and seashores to do some aquatic actions. If you are living in any British state or planning to visit the UK this summer then you must create a list of best English beaches to travel and enjoy.

The United Kingdom is an island country and when it comes to beaches and seashores, there is a great abundance in this country. The long, dark and cold winter times are almost over; the sun is out and will blaze beautifully and gloriously for the next few months.

The United Kingdom boasts some of the world’s most popular beaches at the same time there are also tons of less travelled but beautiful beaches in the UK. If you are having difficulty in making a list of top beaches to visit in the UK then this post will surely help you do the same.

The UK’s top 10 beaches:

1.Camber Sands

There are sand and a lot of sand in camber sands. The site is blessed with outstanding natural beauty, golden sand, and abundance of other exclusive aquatic and ocean wildlife. Just roll your trousers up and have a walk into the clear shallow water. The sandy stretch is so wide that it has been a favourite spot for desert shooting. This sandy beach which is stretched to more than 5 miles will give you the feel of an Arabian atmosphere. No matter if you are enjoying vacations with your better half or had visited the UK with your family members, this is a must to travel place in the UK.

2.Durdle Door

There are many beaches in the UK but no one can match the beauty of Durdle Door. The unique rock formation is more than 10,000 years old and is the perfect example of what Mother Nature can do and how amazing it can be. Durdle Door is considered as one of the most stunning natural rock formations in the world. 

The amazing archway poured with crystal clear seawater is the best place to enjoy beach life and other sea activities. The beautiful countryside, the towns, hills, and other surrounding things will help you connect more with nature.

3.Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth is one of the most populated beaches in the UK has more than 11 miles of golden sand stretch. This seashore always makes its place on the list of best and most popular beaches in this English island country. Along with the exotic beach, this place has additional popular destinations to entertain its visitors including the oceanarium, Fisherman’s walk, and the famous Bournemouth air festival event.

4.Rhossili Bay

If you love to explore real and untouched natural beauty then Rhossili bay could be the best place to explore. Residing along with the breathtaking cliffs of the Gower Peninsula, Rhossili Bay is an amazingly remote and less explored place in the UK. You will find this particular beach featured in almost every list of “top beaches in the UK” and sometimes it also gets honoured with the “best English beach”.

You will have to go through the steep and winding path down to reach the seashore. The Rhossili village nearby provides a stunning and panoramic view of this sandy shore. Visit this place to encounter the untouched, less explored and un-spoilt natural beauty with your friends, family, life partner, and other loved ones and even with your dog because it is one of the fewest dog-friendly beaches in the UK.

5.Porthcurno Beach

Small but impressive; Porthcurno beach could be the best place you will ever visit. This little and extraordinary turquoise bay is the perfect place to enjoy the seashore life. Walkthrough the wide white sandy stretch, get some sunbath at the shore or just explore the nearby surrounding, I am the experience will be unforgettable and rich.

6.Luskentyre Beach

Alongside the wonder green meadows, the white sandy Luskentyre beach is one of the biggest Scottish beaches. Unwind yourself on the long white sandy beach between the turquoise water and blue sky. Forgetting the urban jungle stress would be quite easier on the Luskentyre’s long and huge white sandy stretch.


Tankerton is another great destination to enjoy your summers and make more from your travel. This British beach is packed with iconic and colourful beach huts. There are a lot of things in Tankerton to keep you entertained and busy including the grassy slopes, miles of sandy seashore, long promenade, and crystal clear turquoise sea water and of course pretty beach huts.

8.Woolacombe Sands

Making sandcastles at the Woolacombe beach would be really fun. This seashore is one of the best places in the Devon for hanging out and trust me you will also love to spend time at this British beach. The particular place is blessed with miles of exotic and uninterrupted golden sand.

The sand dunes nearby will be the perfect place for playing some outdoor games such as hide and seek, sandcastle building and many more. Do more fun activities in the seawater including surfing, boating, diving, beach footfall, etc with your friends and family members.

9.Cromer Beach

Stunning beach views with crystal clear turquoise rock pools make this place a heaven for beach lovers. The majestic Victorian pier is one of the main attractions of this destination. With so much natural beauty this place is less explores and mostly untouched. Create memories at the sandy beach by doing many fun activities.

10.Saunton Sands

Favourite among the Brits, Saunton sands also attracts millions of foreign tourists each month. Almost 4 miles of clean golden sand stretch will make it easy for you and your family to do much beach kind of activities. The whole beach area is flanked with sand dunes, green tufts and also packed with beautiful and tiny beach huts alongside.

Bottom Line:

Travelling helps people gain more experience and adventure. We must make a great effort to travel to a new place at least once a year. Some of us travel a lot, on the other hand, many people don’t move despite having a great desire of visiting new places; they always make excuses. LOL!

Give yourself a break these summers and explore the best English beaches. Doing this will help you spend more time with your loved ones as well as with yourself too. The beaches and surrounding countryside were always the best places for hanging out and you must hit the top seashores to encounter exotic ocean life. Go get some fresh air and do some fun activities at the best British beaches and destinations.

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