The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, technically the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an interesting country in the Middle East, constitutes the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. With its proud culture, tradition, and respect for women, it is no surprise that so many women from other countries wish to visit. You will find beautiful beaches, beautiful resorts, and amazing historical sites, not to mention a great deal of entertainment. Here are 10 BEST Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah – The third largest city in Saudi Arabia and the capital of the holy city of Mecca, Jeddah is considered one of the major sights in the whole kingdom. It’s a spectacular city, famous for the Al-Fitar festival, the Hajj, and the Eid ul-Fitr. The city offers a wide variety of activities for all kinds of tourists, including a number of museums, ancient monuments, gardens, and even a theme park. The Al-Balad tourist centre is also famous for its souks and many tourists love to spend time shopping here.

Jiywan – This city is renowned for being the oldest city in the region, and is situated on the banks of the Ghajn River. One of the attractions of this city is Dhanan Lake, where visitors can experience the mesmerizing sights of the town below. In addition to Dhana Lake, there are many other tourist attractions in Jiywan, such as the Al-Nurmagiri Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art. This city was also used by the Crusaders during their campaigns against Islam. The crusading army even maintained a fortress here.

Jeddah – Also known as Mecca, Jeddah is the second-largest city in the Holy Land and is home to millions of Muslims. It is a very religious city, especially during Hajj, and millions of tourists visit Jeddah during this time. During Hajj, which usually lasts for a ten-day stay, every Muslim in the kingdom will migrate to Mecca. While at Jeddah, tourists can experience the gripping moment of the Hajj ritual by visiting the Al-Azhar Mosque.

Medina – One of the most important cities in all of Islamic civilization, Medina is considered to be a mosque and a city. The city features a number of historical buildings and mosques, and also the Dome of the Rock. One of the main attractions of Medina is the Al Jamia Mosque. This is one of the oldest mosques in the world and is considered to be one of the best mosques in the area. The Al-Sina Museum is also a great attraction for those interested in ancient Islamic artefacts.

Damman – Located on the eastern edge of Jeddah, Damman offers a wide array of attractions for visitors. There are beautiful beaches and a number of hotels, as well as a wide array of restaurants and cafes. There are also a number of cruise lines that travel to Damman regularly, making it an attractive destination for a cruise vacation. If you are interested in seeing the Soushir Mountains, there is a walking trail leading from Damman’s harbour to Mount Abu Layla. Those interested in the desert can experience desert safaris in the Talayt el Khabra region.

Taif – With pleasant weather for the most part of the year, Taif is considered to be the ideal place for a family holiday. There are a variety of activities for children and plenty of shopping and dining options. The desert can be experienced from the top of Mount Taif, or from within the village itself. Those travelling on a bus should take note that there is rarely a public restroom available in Taif. Instead, travellers are advised to use the restrooms located inside the town.

Jeddah – The second largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a popular spot for many tourists. There are a number of attractions, including the Al-Azhar Mosque, Madinat Jeddah, National mosque of Hajj and Medina. The city is known for its opulent architecture and has museums, galleries, architecture and many other interesting landmarks. A trip to Jeddah will provide an individual with a plethora of experiences, including learning about the history of the city, witnessing demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts, taking a dip into the Muslim holy waters, or enjoying various outdoor activities.


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