Top 9 Beaches in Europe

Top 9 Beaches in Europe

Are you looking for the safest and top beaches in Europe to visit for your next vacations? We’ve been to every single beach listed here, make recommendations as to why you should see each one, and tell you the best times to go and places to stay. Despite the high prices across Europe, some of these beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. With good planning, and booking in advance, you can reduce your costs and enjoy some of these top beaches in Europe during your next holiday or on your trip around the world.

  1. San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Italy


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous part of Italy. Due to its size and location, Sicily has a unique culture that differs even from mainland Italian culture. Its diverse history, ranging from being ruled by the ancient Greeks to being part of Arab conquests, lends itself to mixed reality in the present day. These historical influences are reflected throughout Sicily’s cities, cuisine, arts, and general culture.

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Located on Sicily’s northwest coast, San Vito Lo Capo is a small town with beautiful, untainted beaches and a spectacular mountainous landscape. The seaside escape has not succumbed to over-development of high-priced hotels and restaurants, so accommodations are mostly two-story villas and homes. San Vito Lo Capo has been designated as a Blue Flag beach several times, as it boasts pristine waters and clean, sandy beaches. There are several coves and untouched beaches scattered throughout San Vito Lo Capo. Additionally, the North African and Arab influence is evident here, as there is an internationally renowned Couscous Festival annually. It is a little-known town that provides for one of the best beach escapes in Europe.

  1. Cala de Algaiarens, Menorca, Spain

Menorca, part of the Balearic Islands, is full of untouched beaches and coves. Compared to the other central Balearic Islands, which include Ibiza and Majorca, Menorca is much more low-key. The coastline of Cala de Algaiarens is rugged with cliffs and rock formations dotting the landscape. Its undiscovered beaches have left the Mediterranean waters off its coast clear and ideal for underwater exploration.

  1. Baska Voda, Croatia

Located in Croatia’s Split-Dalmatia County, Baska Voda has become a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea. It was popular in the early 20th century, but like most of Europe, it saw the adverse effects of World War Two. Hotels have since rebuilt, and tourism is once again booming. The beaches are beautiful, but there is also much more to see and do in Baska Voda, including historical sites and museums. Visit Delta Airlines Reservations to get exclusive offers on flight fares with cheap vacation packages to Europe beaches.

  1. Sopot, Poland

Even Poland, on the north side of Europe, has a Riviera. Though not as popular or well-known as the French Riviera, Poland’s beaches on the Baltic Sea draw in locals and visitors from nearby Germany. The clean, white sands of Sopot accommodate the flocks of people who visit in the summer months without seeming overcrowded. Sopot boasts a lively nightlife, as well as Europe’s longest wooden pier.

  1. The Curonian Spit, Lithuania

The Curonian Spit is a long, thin stretch of 98 kilometres of land belonging to Lithuania that can be reached by a short ferry ride. It separates the Baltic Sea from the sizeable Curonian Lagoon. The southern part of the spit belongs to Russia. Still, the northern, Lithuanian part is a stretch of beautiful beaches that travellers often don’t consider when they think of summer beach getaways due to its location on the cold Baltic coast. Nida is the largest city on the spit, and a popular destination for locals and the entire 98 kilometres of land is a protected national park. The beaches cover in golden sand, and The Curonian Spit boasts some of the highest dunes on the continent.

  1. Biarritz, France

Located in the south of France on its Atlantic coast, Biarritz is in the Basque region of France and has been a popular destination for over a century. It gained notoriety in 1854 when the wife of Napoleon III had a palace built on the beach that was frequented by various European royals. The castle is still in use as it is now a hotel on the beach. Surfing is a popular pastime on the beaches on Biarritz, as is gambling. Biarritz is one of the top beaches in France off of the beaten path of the French Riviera, and one of the top destinations in Europe.

  1. Praia del Fuoco, Italy

This beach destination is accessible most easily by boat, as it is on the tip of Calabria, at the southern end of Italy, and just northeast of Sicily. Secluded and virtually untouched, the beaches are sandy, and the waters of Praia del Fuoco are akin to a pool. As the Mediterranean coast, the beaches surrounded by mountains and cliffs, and caves dot the coastline.

  1. Becici, Montenegro

After receiving the Grand Prix in Paris for the most beautiful beach in Europe in 1935, Becici in Montenegro has continued to maintain popularity. Located a few kilometres from the historic town of Budva, Becici is one of the most frequented beach resorts in Montenegro. Budva, nearby, is a historic walled city that offers insight into the region’s vast history. Becici’s proximity to Budva and the rest of Montenegro’s towns and its famous beaches are not missing.

  1. Girne, North Cyprus

Girne, located on the island’s north coast, which is officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is often overlooked as one of the top beaches in Europe due to politics and its location. Northern Cyprus offers culture and experiences unique to its borders, with Turkish, Greek, and Arab influences. The weather will make you want to dip yourself into the Mediterranean, and for those times that the weather prevents you from swimming in the warm, clear waters, historic sites and museums are depicting the city’s 6,000-year history.


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