Top Ten Pyramids in Egypt

Top Ten Pyramids in Egypt

The top 10 pyramids in Egypt are all majestic and will leave any visitor dazzled and awestruck. A visit to Egypt is incomplete without at least a glimpse of these incredible landmarks. Made of granite and surrounded by the Top Ten Pyramids in Egypt sparkling Nile, the Pyramids of Egypt are key attractions for tourists to Egypt. These ancient structures are the result of the remarkable work of art and architecture of pharaohs who stood around thousands of years ago.

The Giza pyramids are also well known. They stand as testimony to the brilliance of the Egyptian pharaohs. Just as spectacular as the Giza pyramids are, there are others that rank higher in the all-time list. The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is the tallest pyramid in the world. When you stand on top of it during sunset, you will notice a bright flash of light and a smell of sulfur as your body absorbs the heat of the setting sun.

The next in line is the Karnak Temple. This magnificent structure is decorated with exquisite gold statues of winged beings. It is like a miniature universe. There is also a swimming pool with a statue of a diver in the middle. It is an amazing sight to behold. When you see the Karnak Temple, you will be tempted to take a dip into the pool and feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you relax in its crystal and clear waters.

The next in line is the Khorasan Pyramid. It is almost the same size as the Giza pyramids. It is adorned with a spectacular facade and is also larger in diameter. You can always see the black structure that rises from the greenish-blue sky. It is the perfect symbol of power and glory. To top off our pyramid list, the Grand Gallery is the last place we will discuss the top 10 pyramids in Egypt.

The Grand Gallery is a three hundred meters long area that is home to priceless and rare works of art. It has two large colonnades and is well decorated with statues of winged beings. The museum is also filled with works of ancient Egyptian art including clockworks, swords, beads, and colored glass. The gallery is also home to other works like busts, sculptures, pots, bowls, pottery, and mosaics.

At the top of our list is the Valley of the Kings, one of the largest ancient Egyptian cities. It is a place of historical importance, for it was the location of the Pyramids and the Temple of Luxor. Many of the tombs of the pharaohs are found in the Valley of the Kings. It is a great place to visit and if you like history, this is a definite must-see location.

The next place on our list is the Bahariya Oasis, which was an important site for religious rituals in ancient Egypt. Today it is a dry and arid desert and is known for many archaeological sites including the Valley of the Kings and the Bahariya Oasis. It is believed that the Bahariya Oasis was used by the pharaohs as a place to bury their dead ancestors. One of the biggest attractions at the Bahariya Oasis is the Sphinx of Giza. This great stone statue is twenty-four kilometers from Cairo and is part of the Giza National Park.

The last of our top ten pyramids in Egypt is the Karnak Temple. It is a ninety-minute drive from Cairo and consists of two buildings made to look like the original temple of Karnak. It was built centuries ago to honor the ancient Pharaohs who lived in the area. Its construction was begun by King Purdah of the Egyptians and has been faithfully carried out by a team of craftsmen ever since. It stands proudly on the site of what was the southernmost city of ancient Egypt, somewhere in the region of Dakhla.


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